Virtual CFO Services guaranteed to give you greater financial control of your company 

Building strong financial control, budgeting, and regular financial monitoring. This ongoing program incorporates 3 powerful business principles of: (1) financial control through the process of setting budgets and assessing budgets to actuals monthly, (2) quarterly period financial reviews to set the next 90 days focus, (3) support of an external company to keep your company prioritized.

Guaranteed to give you greater financial control of your company so you can increase percentage profit and cash flow related to sales. Improve your working capital situation to free up cash flow


ProfitPlus Accounts combines financial assessment, financial modelling, ongoing financial monitoring with fortnightly, monthly and quarterly advisory session so you can effectively grow your company in a predictive manner.  Different stages of revenue growth require a different approach ...


  • Budget To Actual

    During the initial stages we'll link our online management system to your accounting system so we can develop a set of budgets for the year ahead as a target, and for each month as a working scenario. Once the budgets are in the system, you'll get access to our online dashboard to track live results. We'll also be monitoring the company actual result to budget for our monthly meetings.

  • Monthly and Quarterly Budget Meetings

    Monthly meetings will focus on three main areas: (1) non-achievement of the budget so we can improve over the coming month, (2) where we exceeded budget so we can repeat the situation in the future, (3) the quarterly results and 6-monthly results to manage trends in your company.

  • Dashboard Reporting To Give Clarity

    We link your financial system to our cloud-based dashboard. Our online dashboard gives you greater clarity to your financial position so we can easily see trends, for example, red-light situation we need to catch immediately and the actual to budget results. The dashboard takes much of the mystery out of the financial area of your company's performance as it gives better optics as to what is happening in the business. 

  • Traffic Light Reports To Pinpoint Issues

    The online traffic light reports give us red for the financial areas which have declined in performance, green for the financial areas which have improved in performance, and yellow for the financial area which did not shift over the month. This report gives us clarity and focuses on catching declining financial results.

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