Own a ProfitPlus territory and start building several income streams.

As a Territory Developer you build several income streams from recruitment of certified advisors/accounting firms, upgrade fees when advisors move up in certification, and passive income from a share of the platform fees.

Make substantial income from helping thousands of accounting firms, and hundreds of business coaches become certified as a Trusted Business Advisor.

As a territory developer you have exclusive marketing and sales rights to a state-based territory.  You make substantial revenue from recruiting accounting firms, bookkeeping firms, business coaches, and business consultants.


  • Great Income From Recruitment

    The primary role of a territory developer is to recruit accounting firms, bookkeeping firms, business coaches, and business consultants into the ProfitPlus certification program. You get a healthy sales fee for every person in your state who joins the certification program.


    Leads come from direct phone call to your target market, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising, Instagram advertising, the ProfitPlus website, attending association events, and putting on your own events to your state based prospects.

  • Certification Upgrading Income

    When an existing ProfitPlus certified advisor in your state upgrades their level of certification, you receive a percentage of the fees as sales revenue.  There are 6 levels of certified business advisor with ProfitPlus: (1) Foundations, (2) Practitioner, (3) Intermediate, (4) Expert and (5) Master.


    As the certified advisor become proficient at a certification level, it's natural for them to want to upgrade their skills, and as a result, enhance their earning capacity.

  • Percentage Of The Ongoing Platform Fees

    Each certified advisor pays a monthly fee to stay connected to the ProfitPlus software platform, resources area, gain access to the ProfitPlus conferences, and to be connected with the other certified advisors.  This is an annual contract which is paid monthly (like a membership fee.


    As the Territory Developer, you receive a percentage of this ongoing fee from each certified advisor within your state.  Even though most of the support an advisor gets is from the platform, we pay a percentage of this ongoing fee to you for supporting your network.

  • Train The Trainer Fees

    If anybody on your team become certified as train the trainer, then your territory developer business can receive income from conducting live certification classes. You can also gain revenue from coaching the accounting firms, bookkeeping firms, business coaches, business advisors on how to more effectively grow their firms.


    As you grow your state-based territory, this revenue stream can be substantial.  You will also be invited to train some of the other non-certified Train the Trainer states. 

  • Build A Substantial Asset

    As the Territory Developer, you are generating ongoing fees which cash flows your Territory Developer business, cash flows your lifestyle and grows your territory.  However, this business builds a lucrative back end from the eventual sale of your Territory Developer business.


    The more you grow your territory, the more you are increasing the monthly membership fees (Platform Fees), and this is gold to an eventual investor or purchaser.  Some buyers can pay up to 25 times gross fees from recurring revenue. 

  • Grow Your Team

    As you develop your territory, you also grow a team of people who can undertake several roles such as local area marketing, telesales, train the trainer, and general admin functions.  You can also grow an internal team of certified advisors to work with the local business community if this becomes your desire.

    There is a proper scope for building a business that grows and prospers and offers you both income potential and lifestyle choices.

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