Work with ProfitPlus Accounts over 12 months to make a dramatic change to your results!

Your Business Advisor will focus on a combination of financial control, exponential growth, business mastery, or moving your business from one revenue bracket to another. Revenue brackets are one million, two and a half million, five million, ten million and twenty-five million-plus. It really depends on your needs.

Chose An Area Of Focus To Dramatically Change Your Company's Results


Gaining results requires us to focus on one of five areas: 1. Creating A Clear Direction, 2. Exponential Financial Growth, 3. Overcoming Financial Stress, 4. Maintain Financial Control, or 5. Investor and Bank Funding. We will cover which focus is more critical for you during our No Fee initial 50-minute session with you.


  • Creating A Clear Direction

    A clear direction supports the company's activities toward achieving the goals and visions of the company owners. The course we take is tied in with the desired financial results for revenue, profits, cash flow and business value. During the twelve months, we work together to define an appropriate direction based on the owner's outcomes, improve the company's financial results over the twelve months, and work toward other aligned improvements.

  • Exponential Financial Growth

    We work with you on 'Scaling Your Business' for exponential growth. To do this, we model expansion far more significant than existing revenue by assessing expansion via multiple locations, licensing, franchising or other growth mechanisms. 


    • Plans to scale your business
    • Building predictive financial models
    • Working with you to facilitate the growth of your company 
  • Overcoming Financial Stress

    Financial stress is usually a by-product of one or more of the following:


    • Working capital to revenue growth is misaligned 
    • Price based on cost + % rather than value-added 
    • Irregular analysis of monthly financial reports
    • Capital resources are not sufficient for growth
    • Incorrect cost structure


    To reduce your financial stress and get your company back on track. We analyse existing performance to desired, implement structural changes, and monitor monthly results to drive continuous improvements.

  • Maintain Financial Control

    Financial control includes growing your businesses profits, cash flow and equity value. To do this, we work with you and your team on:


    • Monthly financial budgets to actuals
    • Importing actuals into a robust budget system 
    • Financial reporting on variance
    • Maintain healthy financial ratio
    • Monthly meetings to build ongoing success


    Budgets come from your strategic plans and the predictive financial models we create with you.

  • Investor and Bank Funding

    The team at ProfitPlus creates business plans for the express purpose of gaining funds for your business from:


    • Financial institutions 
    • Venture capitalists
    • Private investors
    • Existing shareholders


    To get you the best results, we focus on what's essential for the target (banker, investor, venture capitalists) return on investment, healthy cash flow growth, equity growth and profits.

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