12 Month Financial Control Program guaranteed To gain comprehensive financial control of your company ...

This 12-month program incorporates four powerful business principles of:

1. Financial control through setting budgets and assessing budgets to actuals, 2. Business planning to model more significant financial results over the next five years, 3. Quarterly period financial reviews aligned to plans, and 4. Ongoing advisory sessions to implement strategies and achieve goals.

Building strong financial control, budgeting, planning and strategy implementation for your business.


To gain comprehensive financial control of your business, we’ll include building a detailed business plan that has a strong focus on the financial aspects of your business’s revenue, profitability, cash flow, and business value growth.

The financial projections, goals, and strategies in the plan will support the development of matching monthly budgets over 12 months so we can assess performance via monthly budget to actual, quarterly budget to actual and annual budget to actual.

We will meet bi-weekly to implement the strategies in the plan, meet to align budgets and quarterly meetings for a more rigorous assessment of financial performance.


  • 12 Months Gives You Room To Grow

    As this program runs for a minimum of 12 months, we can implement strategies designed to gain the business and personal results you are after. Time is a crucial factor in the development, implementation, and review of strategic growth.

  • Create Laser Focused Business Plan For Success

    We work closely with you to develop a business plan designed to increase revenue, profits, cash flow, and business value. Additionally, we work with you to define your desired take-home income for each financial year, and then develop strategies to make your outcome a reality.

  • Budgets To Actuals And Biweekly Meetings

    We’ll set up your budgets to actuals on our cloud-based financial management dashboard so we can monitor your results. We’ll meet with you to define what strategies need to be completed to improve results and grow your business toward the outcomes in your plan.

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